Little Moons Mochi

Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream. 


We are the brother and sister team behind Little Moons. We are primarily passionate food adventurers who believe that good-quality, delicious food can bring a little bit of happiness into peoples’ lives.  Our own love of quality ingredients and food began when we were children growing up in our parents’ bakery in London. We still make our mochi with much of the same team, and yes, our Mum still pops in for lunch. Although we spent most of our 20s in more corporate jobs we knew that our real passion lay in food so in 2010 we decided to launch Little Moons aiming to bring a modern twist to a 10,000-year-old tradition. 

The first two years were certainly challenging. No one else in the UK produced mochi ice cream so we had to be innovative with our production process – unsurprisingly it’s not straightforward wrapping frozen ice cream in hot mochi! Once we had the process perfected we needed to craft our delicious ice cream recipes so we worked with chefs from Nobu, The Fat Duck and Zuma using the highest grade ingredients to finesse these and create the perfect  flavour combinations. We really didn’t see the point of launching our own food business if the  products that we produced were not ones we’d want to share with our friends and family s o it was really important that we got our recipes  just right. We are truly proud of the product we have so please take a moment to enjoy our  creation, we hope it gives you as much joy eating as we had in crafting each mochi.


Alphonso Mango

Our Mango has 20% Alphonso mango puree, considered to be among the most superior and expensive mango in the world. With its natural sweetness, richness and full flavour it is revered across India where it is grown. Often hand-picked, the Alphonso is a national obsession on par with Bollywood and Cricket and during the season there are festivals thrown in its honour.


Sumatran Coconut

We use single origin coconuts from an island in Indonesia called Sumatran, known for its rich coconut growing heritage. The sun-soaked freshness of the Sumatran coconut perfectly complements the locally sourced British milk and cream used to make our ice cream. Our coconut mochis are finished with a delicate layer of desiccated coconut which envelops these little balls of bliss.  


Toasted Sesame

Our sesame mochi gets its distinctive rich and nutty taste from the gentle toasting of the sesames. It is this, combined with our fresh British milk and cream, that give these mochi their beautifully balanced flavour. We finish each ball with a dusting of brown and black sesame seeds to add an additional layer of flavour and texture.


Uji Matcha

Known by some as emerald gold, Uji Matcha comes from the fertile hills on the rural edge of the small Japanese city of Uji. Here farmers pride themselves on an ethos of quality over quantity, producing smaller qualities of the highest quality Matcha . It’s probably why our green tea mochi is a firm favourite.



Made with 40% fresh raspberry puree, our Raspberry flavour mochi brings a light touch of summer to our indulgent gelato.



Madagascan Vanilla

Famed for its sweetness and richness of flavour Madagascan Vanilla was an obvious choice for us. Produced on a series of small islands deep in the Indian Ocean, it has one of the highest naturally occurring levels of vanillin, the active ingredient responsible for the full flavour and creamy texture.

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